Concerned. Committed. Community.

IAM about everyday issues that affect the lives of the citizens of Wake Forest.  Issues like strategic growth that balances the residential and commercial make up our community; issues like affordable housing; and issues from transportation to diversity and inclusion.

I am committed to working collaboratively to identify attainable solutions.

I am committed to identifying and leveraging resources that will benefit the town, from collaborating with our surrounding municipalities to working with state and federal government agencies.

I am committed to being innovative.  I believe we should encourage and promote more Public-Private Partnerships and engage our faith-based organizations to work with our town to collaboratively meet the needs of our community.

At the core of what I do is advocacy for diversity and inclusion.  Wake Forest is a diverse community and I want to be the voice that represents all citizens of Wake Forest.  I am a servant leader who seeks to inspire others to their greatest potential, one who seeks to identify resources and solutions to connect and sustain our community.


Economic Development & Growth

I believe we should have balanced and strategic growth — growth that serves all of our communities. In particular, our low-wealth and underserved communities.

  • Business Recruitment: Attract more businesses and provide incentives to businesses that are willing to relocate their headquarters or regional offices to our area. In particular, high-tech companies and major global business enterprises like Lenovo in Morrisville and SAS in Cary.
  • Business Development: Support for our local and small business owners. Provide resources for co-op workspaces, a business incubator and mentor-protégé business programs. Ensure that the town promotes the utilization of small, minority- and women-owned businesses in the procurement of goods and services, including construction related-services.
  • Higher-Paying Jobs: The benefit of strategic economic development is twofold: It broadens our tax base since these types of jobs offer higher wages, and it enables our citizens to have a better quality of life.
  • Workforce Development: Encourage our local businesses to participate in workforce development and second-chance programs for citizens within our community, in particular our at-risk youth and felons.
  • Infrastructure: With increased economic development growth, infrastructure has to keep pace. When we build subdivisions and shopping areas, we have to make sure we allow for adequate infrastructures, such as sidewalks and turning lanes.

Affordable Housing

I support and will promote efforts to provide affordable housing to individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds who live or would like to live in Wake Forest.

  • Equitable Distribution: I would like to see adequate provisions for equitable distribution of affordable housing. I would encourage mixed-income development.
  • Rezoning of Areas: I would support the rezoning of industrial and manufacturing areas no longer in use.
  • Homeownership Programs: Affordable housing and access to meaningful and viable employment go hand in hand. My advocacy for affordable housing would also include supporting programs that assist individuals with moving from being renters to becoming homeowners.


Residents ages 25+ with a bachelor's degree or higher, 2011-2015



In working with the Regional Transportation Alliance to develop and implement the Wake Transit plan, I would like to identify and provide public transportation access for all residents of Wake Forest. Currently, we have public transportation that services downtown Wake Forest, only. I would like to see initiatives such as:

  • Increase ‘Park & Ride’ and Transportation Hubs: Many residents commute to jobs outside of our town limits. Access to public transportation such as “park & ride” and transportation hubs that provide connector services could ease the burden of traffic, meet the needs of individuals who may not have reliable or sufficient personal transportation and provide a better quality of life for individuals who have long-haul commutes to and from work.

Mean travel time to work (in minutes) for workers age 16+, 2011-2015